4 More Benefits of Outsourcing to a Nearshore Development Team

4 More Reasons to use a Nearshore Development Team

If you are reading this article, you are probably a business owner or employee considering how outsourcing might affect your company’s return on investment. You might have already researched the differences between an offshore and a nearshore development company. We have already talked about the benefits of nearshore outsourcing in a previous post, but since there are so many potential gains from a nearshore company, we decided to highlight 4 more benefits below.

Setting up your own development team is a challenging task. This is why most of our clients have decided to rely on our experience; Kambda has pretty much become an external department they can always go to. They have also told us that one of the main concerns they faced before making their decision was “How am I going to let a third party manage such an important part of my business?”

We want to provide a list of benefits that will show you the benefits of hiring an external team can outweigh the issues you may encounter.

Quick Hands-On Development Work

As our current clients could tell you, if you require some development work we can start right away and right of the bat. We are able to quickly plan your project since we already have a team of experienced developers ready to work on your project. We also have different skillsets, which means we can support you in different areas, languages or projects.

If you plan to work in-house, setting up the right team for your project could potentially take months. You would have to make sure you have the right physical space, acquire software and hardware, find the right people, hire them, and solve many other challenges along the way. It could already be too late to execute a time-sensitive project by the time you set up your team.

Seamless Team Management and Growth

With a nearshore development company, you have the chance to provide support to your in-house team as required. If you were planning to grow your team, you would have to spend at least 2 to 3 weeks in finding the right people even before any project planning takes place. Additionally, your new hires would require some more onboarding time learning about your company and the project itself.

A nearshore team is already built and ready to go if your in-house team requires back up. Not only that, but you can grow it as much as you can without the hassle of hiring new team members directly. We do it all for you!

A Wider Range of Technologies

With an in-house team, you are required to work with the skillsets and technology expectations your team has experience with. If you require work in a different field, you would have to spend significantly more time and resources in training and learning or hiring an additional resource with this skillset, even if you don’t have enough work to fill up its time.

Nearshore development companies, on the other hand, have been exposed to different skills and technologies due to their nature. This means they have more experience on broader scope of work. A team like this can help you fill in the gaps so you get high-quality work on time and in-budget.

Also, nearshore agile development teams can use their experience to help you avoid common development and design issues, increasing efficiency.

High Adaptability to your Business

Developing software is not only about coding, it also requires an almost perfect understanding of the business side and building a bridge between it and the technical aspects of the company.

An experienced outsourcing team will have already built positions, methodologies, and processes to help them fall in place, almost perfectly, with the requirements, and business side of a company. This is ideal to help kick-start a process efficiently tackling issues with higher precision, less churn and waste.

A nearshore team will apply any knowledge or skill acquired in a project to the next. Providing greater value while shortening the time it takes to adapt and learn when getting started with a new company.