Ruby On Rails, An Option You Should Look At

To fully understand what it is, we must begin to explain that Rails is a development tool that gives web developers the possibility of a framework, providing a structure for all the code they generate. The Rails framework helps these people create applications and websites because it takes and simplifies the tasks that are repeated and that are common.

Rails are written in Ruby which is the programming language that is also used together with Rails. If you want some examples, Ruby is for Rails as PHP for Symfony and Zend, or as Python for Django. But what attracts Ruby’s developers the most is its elegance and simplicity of language.

Just to get an idea, Ruby on Rails is much more famous than you think, just to cite some of the famous cases, it should be said that Twitter was developed in the beginning with this web framework. GitHub itself is also developed with Ruby on Rails, a mandatory step for the publication of any open source development, also for computers that need to share code. Hulu, BaseCamp, SoundCloud. To this are added many companies and web applications that saw in the framework an excellent way of development.

Before starting to number the main benefits of this tool, we must be honest and also say some of the main problems it presents.

Not all web page hosts support Rails. Although it is true that not all servers support Rails, this usually occurs because more resources are required than PHP, something that discourages low-end shared hosting providers.

Performance and scalability. There are concerns that there are Raid applications that are not as fast as Java or C, and it may be true, but most Apps work fast enough.

Java and PHP are more popular, and there are more developers in these languages. The number of Ruby developers is growing year after year as more people switch to it from other programming languages.

Knowing some of the negatives, now the question to solve is why we should use Ruby on Rails

  • It is one of the 10 most demanded languages by companies and is one of the 20 most popular languages worldwide.
  • You have at your disposal a very active community committed to the quality of the code, as well as very good documentation.
  • Rails wants to make your life easier. Its philosophy is based on the Don’t Repeat Yourself (DRY) and the Convention on Configuration. The goal, do not repeat code over and over unnecessarily, nor worry about specifying every little detail through an endless number of configuration files.
  • It allows you to code what is specific to your app, leaving the other trivial things and configuration aspects in the hands of the framework itself. Ruby provides you with a workflow to perfectly structure your code.
  • The senior and junior profiles of Ruby on Rails are the most requested to work in startups and consolidated companies, in Spain and abroad. According to, the average salary for a Ruby developer is at more than $ 90K a year and is the fourth most demanded language on Angel List.
  • Because it is a free framework and with which you can write less code, the cost of developing an application can be greatly reduced.
  • Some of the most important websites today (AirBnB, Groupon, Hulu, SoundCloud, Twitter and GitHub) were developed with Ruby on Rails

4 More Benefits of Outsourcing to a Nearshore Development Team

4 More Reasons to use a Nearshore Development Team

If you are reading this article, you are probably a business owner or employee considering how outsourcing might affect your company’s return on investment. You might have already researched the differences between an offshore and a nearshore development company. We have already talked about the benefits of nearshore outsourcing in a previous post, but since there are so many potential gains from a nearshore company, we decided to highlight 4 more benefits below.

Setting up your own development team is a challenging task. This is why most of our clients have decided to rely on our experience; Kambda has pretty much become an external department they can always go to. They have also told us that one of the main concerns they faced before making their decision was “How am I going to let a third party manage such an important part of my business?”

We want to provide a list of benefits that will show you the benefits of hiring an external team can outweigh the issues you may encounter.

Quick Hands-On Development Work

As our current clients could tell you, if you require some development work we can start right away and right of the bat. We are able to quickly plan your project since we already have a team of experienced developers ready to work on your project. We also have different skillsets, which means we can support you in different areas, languages or projects.

If you plan to work in-house, setting up the right team for your project could potentially take months. You would have to make sure you have the right physical space, acquire software and hardware, find the right people, hire them, and solve many other challenges along the way. It could already be too late to execute a time-sensitive project by the time you set up your team.

Seamless Team Management and Growth

With a nearshore development company, you have the chance to provide support to your in-house team as required. If you were planning to grow your team, you would have to spend at least 2 to 3 weeks in finding the right people even before any project planning takes place. Additionally, your new hires would require some more onboarding time learning about your company and the project itself.

A nearshore team is already built and ready to go if your in-house team requires back up. Not only that, but you can grow it as much as you can without the hassle of hiring new team members directly. We do it all for you!

A Wider Range of Technologies

With an in-house team, you are required to work with the skillsets and technology expectations your team has experience with. If you require work in a different field, you would have to spend significantly more time and resources in training and learning or hiring an additional resource with this skillset, even if you don’t have enough work to fill up its time.

Nearshore development companies, on the other hand, have been exposed to different skills and technologies due to their nature. This means they have more experience on broader scope of work. A team like this can help you fill in the gaps so you get high-quality work on time and in-budget.

Also, nearshore agile development teams can use their experience to help you avoid common development and design issues, increasing efficiency.

High Adaptability to your Business

Developing software is not only about coding, it also requires an almost perfect understanding of the business side and building a bridge between it and the technical aspects of the company.

An experienced outsourcing team will have already built positions, methodologies, and processes to help them fall in place, almost perfectly, with the requirements, and business side of a company. This is ideal to help kick-start a process efficiently tackling issues with higher precision, less churn and waste.

A nearshore team will apply any knowledge or skill acquired in a project to the next. Providing greater value while shortening the time it takes to adapt and learn when getting started with a new company.

Why is React Native App Development worth it?

Why is React Native App Development worth it?

The Future of Mobile App Development with React Native

React Native app development is highly known for making the lives of UI developers easier; it is built to create apps that can be used in both Android and iOS with the same codebase.

React appeared to change our perception of how we create apps, it was then accompanied by React Native, and both were available to develop mobile apps for both operating systems. Since it was initially meant to work on mobile platforms, it now maintains core elements that make it feel more like web development; JavaScript, JSX, and Flexbox. Finally, react-native-web was engineered to enable React Native developers to take their apps and put them back on browsers.

Interest in React Native is stronger now than ever. This makes it a robust framework to take into account when assessing some mobile app development solutions. Companies like Pinterest, Skype, Tesla, Uber, and many more have relied on it to build their cross-platform mobile presence.

It is understandable to want to avoid things learning technologies that might die off in the future but React Native is not one of those. Increasingly, more and more developers are learning and implementing this promising framework.

Some of React Native’s Current Limitations

Since it is a relatively new framework, React Native’s available documentation is still not highly comprehensive. Even though Facebook and the React community are putting an effort, there are some React Native components that are not well covered in the documentation available. Due to the same issue, how recent it is, many main elements seem to still be a work in progress, and some of the code’s quality might be disappointing.

You can use third-party components, but their numbers are really limited when compared to other libraries created by the community for iOS or Android. Additionally, compatibility and support are not guaranteed for these components.

As you see, most of React Native’s limitations can be solved in the future, once the framework is even more widely used and experimented with by the community. Since interest on it is still evident, it makes sense to think that most of these issues will be solved in the coming years.

Why Choose React Native to build your Application

Yesterday, creating universal apps was a thing of dreams; today, that dream has come true. Though it is an ideal option for cross-platform mobile app development, there are many things to consider around using React Native. Even if it sounds similar, React Native is not equal to Titanium or Cordova as it was created, since it keeps the differences between platforms in mind. Its crucial goal is to harness the best things about React libraries, which work wonders in the web and bring them to the native mobile apps without having to hire different teams of developers for each system.

React Native embeds JS files in the app and runs them locally, making run-times smoother. Additionally, you could make the app fetch remote data when connectivity is available; which results in a quick way of updating an application, evading the App Store’s complex validation process.

This framework is mostly built based on JavaScript and the Paradigms of React. This is why it makes sense to have a React Native mobile development team mainly composed of JS engineers as, hopefully, they will already be knowledgeable in the paradigms running the framework, like React, EcmaScript, Flex layout, and Redux.

Creating a mobile app in React Native is worth it, as it can be used as one single language to create the UI of the different versions of an app. Also, it is a framework with a bright future in front of it; it is backed by a thriving community who has set long-term plans for it. React Native has been transforming the way we create exciting new apps with the practicality of cutting down your expenses and execution time. Try it now, talk to a React Native specialist!

NOC: How It Can Help You With Your Infrastructure

NOC: How It Can Help You With Your Infrastructure


What is NOC?

It stands for Network Operations Center, and it is an operations center for network infrastructure, which constantly monitors networks, as well as their designated devices. This is done in order to maintain network and servers in optimal condition. Engineers specialized in network equipment, servers and security applications monitor data, solve issues, update information, and implement continuous improvement.

An operation center with network infrastructure has multiple levels to classify specialists according to the category of service:

  • Level 1
  • Level 2
  • Level 3

Therefore, some issues are escalated within the NOC, previous to contacting an engineer or field specialists.

And why outsourcing this type of service? As stated by Nap It Global Network Solutions (“¿Por qué tercerizar…?,” 2018) the current corporate scenario is very different from the one we experienced some years ago. The processes make use of files in the cloud and complex software, making the development of the company directly connected to the proper performance of the network.

This is when the NOC becomes relevant, given that through this active monitoring service, it is possible to identify and solve issues before they occur, which allows for more security for your network and internal processes. Because the NOC is composed by a series of tools and specific processes, the creation of a specific, own area in the company for this purpose may represent a high investment. Furthermore, there are few professionals in the market with experience and the appropriate requirements to run this type of analysis, making the outsourcing of this service an option of a lower cost and higher service quality (“¿Por qué tercerizar…?,” 2018).

Why To Choose Custom Software Developments?

Why To Choose Custom Software Developments?


Let’s start with the basics, what is custom software development? Custom software (also called tailor-made software) consists in the development of software systems which satisfy needs, adapt to different processes and fulfill specific characteristics within an organization

Why should organizations consider this as an option?

It satisfies real needs
When analyzing the requirements and other important features for the design of custom software, the organization’s needs are specifically defined and, consequently, the best way to solve them. Therefore, the result is exactly what the organization is calling for.

Cost reduction and investment recovery
One issue that we should be aware of is that custom software generally (because there are exceptions) is an option with a considerable initial cost due to all the effort required. However, once the software is operational, the cost of maintaining the operations or processes of the organization are greatly reduced over an extended period, which allows not only to recover the investment in the medium or long term (depending on the size of the software), but also to see the savings in the form of daily profits for the organization by supporting and optimizing the different processes for which the software was created.

Saving time and improving productivity
Generally, custom software development is built with cutting-edge techniques, technologies and tools, allowing us to build up-to-date, optimized and easier-to-use software systems. This represents a great advantage over software created a few years ago, which have not been updated.

Quality guarantee
Due to the construction process, the different types of tests applied and the feedback by the organization, it is possible to achieve a high quality, since both, the software provider and the organization, ensure compliance as to meet the company’s needs.

Ease of Adjustment and Maintenance
Custom software development generally complies with current standards and good practices. This helps to maintain and facilitate the development of adjustments, so they can evolve and adapt to the changes or growth of the organization.

Tailor made software vs Commercial Software
Previously, we mentioned that custom software development is an option, and this is because there are other ways to acquire software, such as commercial software or “canned” software. Here are some of the differences between these two types:

As noted, both types have their highs and lows and will depend strictly on the situation and needs of the organization to determine which is the best option.

Internet Technology Outsourcing (ITO) Services – Case Study 2019

Catching the eye of an international retail powerhouse

Organization profile

Central Gate is the official Costa Rica high-tech services association gathering top-quality export outsourcing providers in BPO (Business Process Outsourcing), ITO (Internet Technology Outsourcing), and Digital Marketing. This is the one-stop-shot for offshore and nearshore contractors looking for trusted and proven suppliers delivering human talent, competitiveness, and added value in developing business solutions.

Since its very origins, Central Gate has been supported by CINDE (The Costa Rican Investment Promotion Company) and developed an innovative and effective public-private alliance with PROCOMER (The Foreign Trade Corporation of Costa Rica) to become a strategic cluster for attracting incoming business opportunities for its members.

Established on December 2012, it was presented internationally at the 2013 IAOP Outsourcing World Summit. Since then, the organization has been a frequent participant in international industry events, representing over 13 Costa Rican companies to dozens of potential clients in the United States, particularly in New York, Virginia, Texas, California, and Florida.

Strict membership criteria ensure that the organization enlists the best and most recognized providers in the exporting services sector. These specific standards include: being up to date with the corresponding legal responsibilities in Costa Rica, holding at least 50% bilingual resources within the company (English-Spanish), having at least one international client, reporting minimum annual sales of US$200,000 for international clients, and presenting a customized recommendation from CINDE, PROCOMER, or any other current member of Central Gate.

As a not-for-profit organization, Central Gate is a business opportunity facilitator and it does not charge any commission not does it obtain any form of revenue from the leads signed by its members; nonetheless it works as a platform for the interchange of good practices and partnerships, and it does promote specific ethical policies that guarantee impartiality, honesty, confidentiality, transparency, and avoidance of any conflict of interest.

Strategic Partners

2018 in review:

  • Active associations with local strategic partners: 31 business opportunities explored for the cluster during the year – 10 generated directly by Central Gate´s marketing efforts, 14 incoming from CINDE, 7 referred from PROCOMER
  • Dynamic business interest: at least 32% of business opportunities kept active by the end of the year

2019 at a glance:

  • Progressive increase in leads: in one semester, the amount of business opportunities almost tied the total produced during the previous year: 25 leads by July (8 generated by Central Gate, 15 incoming from CINDE, 2 referred from PROCOMER
  • Growing attention in local capabilities: 14 pitches aimed at ITO services, 9 at BPO, 1 emerging at Digital Marketing, 1 for a BPO-ITO mix.
  • Rising business contract consideration: 65% active deal pitches by July 2019

Five certain reasons to contact Central Gate for your ITO outsourcing services:

  1. Diverse ITO services offering: The list of ITO capabilities services you can hire through Central Gate includes network design, architecture design, application engineering, and more. Central Gate’s members offer specialized technology-oriented solutions, internet-related programming and information technology-enabled services such as infrastructure support, Cloud solutions, full life cycle software engineering, web and mobile development, legacy system, and EPR support just to name a few.
  2. Efficient match between your business needs and required solutions: When contacting a third-party provider, you certainly need a quick but trusted reference. Why not seek it in just one reliable, supportive, businesslike cluster instead of running a long trial-and-error process with first-starters?
  3. Internationally suitable providers that guarantee your business continuity: Because of its adherence to Costa Rican official trading institutions, Central Gate certifies only the most recognized, recommended, current exporter providers as its members, meaning that learning curves have been clearly surpassed and that legal agreement, as well as technical and exporting processes, have become inbound settled procedures.
  4. Robust technical know-how and expertise: At Central Gate, you will find all your ITO services ready in the right place at the right time, thanks to compliance with relevant in-demand certifications and satisfactory delivery of complex processes and best practices. Bilingual skills and cultural affinity also stand for some of the proficient features your business requires for developing accessible, cost-effective relationships and archiving success.
  5. Proven relevant experience: On average, each Central Gate member has around a 10-year background experience offering its services in the USA and Canada when becoming part of the association. Thus, when contacting one of Central Gate’s members you will find a clear and straightforward business culture and a proactive approach to resolve problems, just as you need.

About this case study

International competence, trustworthy validations endowed by Central Gate, and strict agreement to demanded capabilities and standards were key in winning this particular lead.

  • Catching the eye of an international retail powerhouse

Among several global opportunities, the client followed CINDE’s recommendation of contacting Central Gate to analyze possible local ITO providers to support and back up very complex and strict technical and operative specifications. Ultimately, local talent, technological assets, provider’s flexibility, and Central Gate’s method and validations proved positive in the client’s partner selection.

  • Four feasible providers in exactly just two days

Central Gate’s agile methodology and operations fast-tracked the client’s prospect providers validation. After the first approach, Central Gate arranged an immediate meeting with the client to explore the business opportunity and understand the technical needs. A business opportunity alert was submitted at once to the ITO members so they could assess their interest and participation in the provider reference list for the client’s own selection process. 48 hours after the first contact with Central Gate, the client received a list of four interested providers ready to be contacted for direct negotiations. Subsequent executive assistance by Central Gate included refined service suggestions by the network, coordination of meetings, agendas, and follow-ups with the selected provider to satisfy early contracting processes. This whole pipeline reveals three key virtues of Central Gate’s methodology: proactivity, efficiency, impartiality.

  • Willingness and disposition to adapt to the client’s selective conditions

A set of definite, rigorous specificities -some not even demanded in the provider’s country of origin- would make most offering companies shy away from a business opportunity. Nonetheless, in this case, Central Gate’s member selected by the client expressed full engagement and readiness by satisfying crucial conditions set by the contractor.

Member profile

Sapiens Development

Based in Costa Rica and with presence in Austin, Texas, and Raleigh, North Carolina, Sapiens Development specializes in Software Development, Application Integration, Mobile App Development, Application Support and Maintenance, QA and Automated Testing, CRM, CMS, Portal and ERP Solution Implementation. Since 2009, the company has provided specific, on-time, well-crafted. on-budget business solutions to a wide variety of firms, from Startups to Midsize to Fortune 500 companies in diverse industries, such as accounting, agriculture, automotive, aeronautics, banking and finance, e-commerce, healthcare, insurance, IT services, logistics, media, among others. Sapiens technology proficiency includes IOS, Java, JS, .NET, Android, CMS, PHP, Selenium, Xamarin, etc.

Client profile

L.L. Bean

L.L.Bean is American mail order, internet sales and retail company, based in Freeport (Maine), specialized in outdoor clothing and recreational gear for over 100 years. Its website ( was launched in 1995 and is among the top-rated e-commerce sites in the industry. Customers can shop thousands of products, book courses, locate nearby parks, find store information and much more. L.L.Bean also has 27 retail stores outside of Maine, as well as 10 outlets, with new stores opening each year. Its global website serves over 200 countries and territories.

Business situation

LL Bean’s market requires a dynamic new services delivery where IT solutions support the business all along. As business is in constant expansion, the company needs to handle a variety of projects in Maine lead by professionals such as JAVA experts, web developers, front end developers, QA specialists, project managers, and Security contractors, among others.

Technical situation

L.L.Bean’s headquarters in Maine were unsuccessful in finding the qualified staff they were looking for. Reasons such as lack of applicants, lack of experience, and applicants expecting a disproportioned payment (much higher than the one offered) urged the company to look for nearshore outsourcing options. Additionally, explicit requirements like years in business, specific US insurance coverage (not available in Costa Rica), revenue level with financial capacity, Business English Level Test (BELT) competence, and specific PCI certification, made the provider selection process hard in itself.


Sapiens Development provides remote talent in team augmentation mode, which will work under agile methodologies in sync with the LL Bean IT department as an in-house extension, with frameworks that facilitate the company’s technical requirements, security policy, technical and internal procedures, etc.