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Business Process outsourcing (BPO)

Costa Rica is a premier destination for Business Process Outsourcing companies that work with 3rd party providers for non-primary business activities. Since the early 2000’s, the country has been known as the most successful location in Latin America to provide nearshore outsourcing services, currently ranking San Jose as the BEST city in the region to cater to a broad and diverse type of BPO services.

Bilingual skills, a proactive way to approach and resolve problems and a tech-savvy nature are only a few of the most relevant traits that Costa Ricans all posses. The pursuit of self-development is part of their DNA and is the result of more than 145 years of a free, nationwide and high-quality education.

The list of BPO capabilities services you can hire in Costa Rica includes finance and accounting, payrolls, auditing, cash application, treasury and more. To learn more about the extensive list of BPO services visit https://centralgatecr.com/capabilities/

Let Central Gate be the bridge to connect your business with efficient, proven and diverse human talent from Costa Rica.