BPO and its Future in Costa Rica

BPO in Costa Rica

By: Jose Ledezma and Raquel Córdoba
Recruiting Team  – Object Technology Solutions, Inc. (OTSI)

In simple terms, BPO can be understood as doing what you are good at and leaving to others those tasks that are not in your area of expertise. With an outsourcing model we seek to be more efficient while avoiding being left behind in the business world.

OTSi is a strategic partner that can help you leverage your business by providing you the right talent and technological tools.  Since we are dedicated mainly to the technology field, the following article focuses on the present and future of IT outsourcing services in Costa Rica.

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Optimizing Your Customer Experience (CX) Across Digital Support Channels

Optimizing Your Customer Experience (CX)
Across Digital Support Channels

By: Lanze Zingale
Executive Vice-President and General ManagerSykes Enterprises, Inc.

Customers want easy and fast answers. Where they turn for support varies based on a number of factors. These include individual preferences, support channel availability, and the perceived or realized effort involved in getting a resolution. With the use of chat, social media care and email support on the rise, one thing remains clear: brands that effectively digitize the customer experience will gain a distinct competitive advantage. Businesses hoping to thrive in this environment must deliver a seamless customer experience across channels, including chat, social media and web- based self-help tools.

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