Central Gate

Our partner Microsoft has a good variety of technological solutions. One of the most well known is its tool Microsoft 365, which incorporates portals that assist with the management and measurement of security in its platform from a central point, through what IT admins know as administration centers.

Microsoft 365 is a solution made up by two types of categories, Microsoft 365 Enterprise and Microsoft 365 Business; the first one focused on big companies and the latter on companies that do not go over 300 employees; however, there may be particular needs from an organization that cause the usage of this solution to vary regardless of the amount of users. The security aspects are inalienable, since the entire organization requires peace of mind when performing their operations. Because of this, Microsoft 365, through one of its applications Microsoft Threat Protection, applies techniques for prevention, research of and automatic response to attacks in protection of identity, email, and apps. On the other hand, and when it comes to security against advanced threats in company networks, it is complemented with ATP by Microsoft Defender (mjcaparas, s/f), and even more specifically, it can also add up a solution called Microsoft Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection (ATP), which filters email and helps protect the organization against viruses and malware from day 0, as well as protecting from ill-intentioned links in real time.

These tools may give really valuable reports for companies to have an idea of what happens in its platforms, and apply controls according to real data, therefore applying the security budget properly to continue with its operations confidently.

Written by Perfiles Tecnológicos