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Mobile app development company


Let’s start with the basics: what is mobile app development? It is a combination of processes and procedures that have to do with writing software for wireless computing devices, such as tablets or smartphones. It is something that is similar to the development of web applications, and its foundations are very marked in the development […]

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Steps to start an E-commerce?


The word e-commerce is the abbreviation for electronic commerce, which consists of buying and selling online. This type of business has been gaining strength in recent years, to the point that, in 2019, 21.8% of the world’s population made purchases over the Internet. Given this, companies have had the task of finding new creative ways […]

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Database Analysis Before Software Development


Written by: Pertec Global Services Currently, there is an infinity of technologies and design styles focused on the storage and management of information, which facilitate the creation of databases. Therefore, talking about which is the best technology or the best design will depend on several factors, among them professional and personal opinions. However, it can […]

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React Native Companies


This tool is one of the most popular for creating applications and that is why many companies see it as their best solution. Before going through some examples of which companies have opted for React Native, let’s first see what it is and what it can do.

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Python: Versatile and Mature Programming Language


It is an old programming language presented in a large number of applications and operating systems. It is very easy to find on servers, in iOS, Android, Linux, Windows or Mac applications. All this is due to a moderate learning curve and it emphasizes giving you a readable code syntax.

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Do You Know Microsoft 365 Security?


Our partner Microsoft has a good variety of technological solutions. One of the most well known is its tool Microsoft 365, which incorporates portals that assist with the management and measurement of security in its platform from a central point, through what IT admins know as administration centers. Microsoft 365 is a solution made up

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