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Internet Technology Outsourcing (ITO)

Costa Rica is a go to destination for Internet Technology Outsourcing providers to external parties outsourcing for specialized technology-oriented solutions, internet related programming and information technology enabled services such as infrastructure support, Cloud solutions, full life cycle software engineering, web and mobile development, legacy system and EPR support just to name a few.

A mature and developed programming culture, access to industry standards and verifications, computer fluency and literacy across the Costa Rican talent pool has all contributed to Costa Rica being a leading provider of internet technology outsourcing.

The list of ITO services you can hire in Costa Rica includes network design, architecture design, application engineering and more. To learn more about the extensive list of ITO services visit https://centralgatecr.com/capabilities/

Let Central Gate be the portal to connect you with knowledgeable, capable and quality talent in Costa Rica.

You can have access to the capabilities of more than 20 experienced companies dedicated to support from the following verticals:

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