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NOC: How It Can Help You With Your Infrastructure

By: perfilestecnologicos.com

What is NOC?

It stands for Network Operations Center, and it is an operations center for network infrastructure, which constantly monitors networks, as well as their designated devices. This is done in order to maintain network and servers in optimal condition. Engineers specialized in network equipment, servers and security applications monitor data, solve issues, update information, and implement continuous improvement.

An operation center with network infrastructure has multiple levels to classify specialists according to the category of service:

  • Level 1
  • Level 2
  • Level 3

Therefore, some issues are escalated within the NOC, previous to contacting an engineer or field specialists.

And why outsourcing this type of service? As stated by Nap It Global Network Solutions (“¿Por qué tercerizar…?,” 2018) the current corporate scenario is very different from the one we experienced some years ago. The processes make use of files in the cloud and complex software, making the development of the company directly connected to the proper performance of the network.

This is when the NOC becomes relevant, given that through this active monitoring service, it is possible to identify and solve issues before they occur, which allows for more security for your network and internal processes. Because the NOC is composed by a series of tools and specific processes, the creation of a specific, own area in the company for this purpose may represent a high investment. Furthermore, there are few professionals in the market with experience and the appropriate requirements to run this type of analysis, making the outsourcing of this service an option of a lower cost and higher service quality (“¿Por qué tercerizar…?,” 2018).