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It is an old programming language presented in a large number of applications and operating systems. It is very easy to find on servers, in iOS, Android, Linux, Windows or Mac applications. All this is due to a moderate learning curve and it emphasizes giving you a readable code syntax.

Python is a versatile multi-platform and multi-paradigm programming language that stands out for its clean and readable code. One of the reasons for its success is that it has an open source license that allows its use in any scenario. This makes it one of the first languages a lot of programmers get taught in schools and universities all around the world. In addition to this, there is a large amount of companies that make this an intensive use. Such is the case of Google, Facebook or YouTube, since it allows, among other features, the automation of processes and task execution in both client and server environments.

In summary, these are the main advantages of programming with Python:

• Simplified and fast: this language greatly simplifies programming, it is a great scripting language.

• Elegant and flexible: The language offers many facilities to the programmer as it is easily readable and interpretable.

• Healthy and productive programming: it is easy to learn, with a moderate learning curve. It is very easy to start programming and boost productivity.

• Neat and clean: it is very legible and its modules are well organized.

• Portable: it is a very portable language. We can use it in practically any system today.

• Community: it has a large number of users. Your community is actively involved in language development. Python is an excellent choice to work with a large amount of data, thanks to it being a multi platform language that facilitates data extraction and processing.

For this reason, big data companies will always look for a Python Company. Below are some examples:


It was 2016, when the Instagram engineering team claimed they were running the world’s largest implementation of the Django web framework, which is written entirely in Python. Since then, the Instagram engineering team has invested time and resources to keep their Python implementation viable on a massive scale.


According to a 2016 Facebook post, Python is currently responsible for multiple infrastructure management services. These include using TORconfig to handle network switch configuration and imaging, FBOSS for white box switch CLI, and using Dapper to schedule and run maintenance tasks.


Netflix uses Python to power its data analysis on the server side. However, it doesn’t just stop there. Netflix allows its software engineers to choose the language in which to code and they have noticed a huge increase in the number of Python applications.

In conclusion, we can say that, besides the 3 decades that Python already has, it is a mature language that is in a continuous evolution process. Simplicity, versatility, and its power have made it an off-road programming language that can help boost digital literacy for broad sectors of the population, making programming accessible to people and professionals of all kinds.