Central Gate


In 2012 Costa Rica’s Investment Promotion Agency (CINDE) created Central Gate as a promotion strategy to attract Outsourcing projects in diverse areas of BPO and ITO. Since then, Central Gate has helped dozens of international clients find their strategic Outsourcing partners in Costa Rica and only enlists the best and most recognized providers as part of their carefully curated group.

As of 2016 Central Gate is now a strategic cluster of Procomer (a division of Costa Rica’s Ministry of Foreign Trade) and became an official Association enlisting some of the most recognized representatives of the exporting Services sector to lead this initiative and form their Board of Directors.


Consolidate Central Gate as a cluster of high tech service providers catering to global business opportunities representing Costa Rica’s services sector through quality and talent.


Shine as the destination of choice recognized for our countries human talent, competiveness and added value in the BPO and ITO services we provide.


Innovation, Human talent, Efficiency and Diversity

Board of Directors

President: Gina Solari, Intertec International – Director Transitions & Communication

Vice-president: Roy Mena, Sykes – Director Corporate Affairs

Secretary: Jose Maria Calvo, Double Digit – Chief Innovation Officer

Treasury: Elizabeth Arroyave, ARWEB – CFO

Director 1: Adolfo Cruz, Proximity – CEO

Director 2: Alcides Lopez, Sapiens Software – CEO

Principal Statutory Examiner: Paul Whitchurch, Dialog Direct – General Manager

Secondary Statutory Examiner: Adolfo Bonilla, CSS Corp – Senior Director and Site Head