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Why To Choose Custom Software Developments?

By: perfilestecnologicos.com

Let’s start with the basics, what is custom software development? Custom software (also called tailor-made software) consists in the development of software systems which satisfy needs, adapt to different processes and fulfill specific characteristics within an organization

Why should organizations consider this as an option?

It satisfies real needs
When analyzing the requirements and other important features for the design of custom software, the organization’s needs are specifically defined and, consequently, the best way to solve them. Therefore, the result is exactly what the organization is calling for.

Cost reduction and investment recovery
One issue that we should be aware of is that custom software generally (because there are exceptions) is an option with a considerable initial cost due to all the effort required. However, once the software is operational, the cost of maintaining the operations or processes of the organization are greatly reduced over an extended period, which allows not only to recover the investment in the medium or long term (depending on the size of the software), but also to see the savings in the form of daily profits for the organization by supporting and optimizing the different processes for which the software was created.

Saving time and improving productivity
Generally, custom software development is built with cutting-edge techniques, technologies and tools, allowing us to build up-to-date, optimized and easier-to-use software systems. This represents a great advantage over software created a few years ago, which have not been updated.

Quality guarantee
Due to the construction process, the different types of tests applied and the feedback by the organization, it is possible to achieve a high quality, since both, the software provider and the organization, ensure compliance as to meet the company’s needs.

Ease of Adjustment and Maintenance
Custom software development generally complies with current standards and good practices. This helps to maintain and facilitate the development of adjustments, so they can evolve and adapt to the changes or growth of the organization.

Tailor made software vs Commercial Software
Previously, we mentioned that custom software development is an option, and this is because there are other ways to acquire software, such as commercial software or “canned” software. Here are some of the differences between these two types:

As noted, both types have their highs and lows and will depend strictly on the situation and needs of the organization to determine which is the best option.